Azores, aerials and more

dolphins >>> / sperm whales /fin whales / sei whales / humpback whales

4K UHD footage/ Sony FDR AX 100, UHD 3840 x 2160, 25p ( Original codec, mpeg 4 file)

A0031 / common dolphins hunting with Cory´s shearwater birds, wide, Dur: 41s

A0033/ common dolphins start to ride w boat, tilt Dur:24s

A0039 / pod of common dolphins playing, medium
Dur: 37s
A0040 / large pod of common dolphins, reveal  
Dur: 19s
A0051 / pod of bottlenose dolphins, wide  
Dur: 19s
Azores dolphins
Azores dolphins
A0035 / pod of common dolphins swim r - l  
Dur: 11s
A0036 / 2 common dolphins playing, wide  
Dur: 56s
A0032 / common dolphins, riding with boat,
Dur: 15s
Azores dolphins
A0061 / pod of risso´s dolphins playing, medium
Dur: 1min 11s
A0057 / large pod of common dolphins, wide shot 
Dur: 38s
A0052 / pod of common dolphins, swim and dive  
Dur: 35s
A0056 / large pod of common dolphins, travel
Dur: 1m 12s
A0034/ common dolphins, with pico backdrop, Dur:08s
A0062 / pod of risso´s dolphins play and dive
Dur: 27s
Azores dolphins
A0063 / pod of risso´s dolphins playing, close
Dur: 58s
A0064 / pod of risso´s dolphins playing more
Dur: 25s


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A0060 / pod of risso´s dolphins, underwater, wide Dur: 38s